A Tribute to my Lumia 920, I’m Moving On


It was 16 months ago that I first got my Lumia 920. It was the first smartphone I’d ever had with an HD (plus) display, having come from the Nokia N9 with what seemed by comparison a quite pixelated screen.
It was also the first device I’d ever had which had a display larger than 4.3 inches, I’d used the 900 for a couple of weeks before selling it on, but finally, with the 920 I had a device which fitted my hands perfectly.

I was really impressed with the 920. It was smooth, fast and had a display where I couldn’t make out the pixels even when holding it really close to my eye. There was a lot of criticism about the 920 that it was heavy. Well maybe compared to some phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4S (which were also fairly new to the market back then) but the 1.8 grams didn’t bother me in the least.

And the camera. It was a PureView 8.7 megapixel shooter with Optical Image Stabilization, the first time I had ever used that in a phone. On it’s early WP8 software some of the pictures it produced were a bit soft, but firmware updates like Amber seemed to improve it. And for what I used the camera for (for one reason or another I photograph TV screens quite a lot) it was great, better than the cameras I’d previously used. I actually did a comparison with the N8, which gained quite a lot of interest.

A comparison of the two shots.

A comparison of the two shots.

Since that day back in January 2013 when I first unboxed the Lumia 920 and started using it as my main phone, it has taken a bit of a battering. Dropped onto concrete more than once, splashed with boiling water and being put in my pocket with a stray fifty pence piece. The white polycarbonate housing has some dents and scrapes while the Gorilla Glass has also picked up a good number of scratches. My Lumia 920 tells a story, about a device which has been used in the real world. Not a phone which has been kept in pristine condition for a possible resale, no, this 920 was to be enjoyed, for keeps. And that is one reason I don’t mind the dents in some corners, it makes the phone unsellable.

And it has been enjoyed. I have loved using the Lumia 920. With the exception of a week or two here and there where I perhaps had a device on trial, this 920 has been with me everywhere I’ve gone. But 16 months has taken it’s tool. The display is no longer as bright as it once was, the battery no longer holds a charge for as long. Dust from my pocket has found it’s way into the device, and despite a pretty thorough cleaning mission the front facing camera still produces blurred pictures. So it is time for me to move on. It is time to let my dear old 920 enjoy it’s retirement. It isn’t going anywhere, I will keep the 920 as a back up, and just to get out and admire every so often. I have always been a big fan of the Lumia 920 design.

And that moves me onto it’s successor. The Lumia 1020. I was lucky enough to trial the 1020 when it first launched in the UK and was really impressed with it. That was back in September ’13, 8 months ago. I was in no position back then to get a 1020, also my 920 was still going great guns.

So, last week I hear that the Lumia 1020 is on a really great offer and I decide to bite. With the choice of black or yellow I was for some reason more drawn to the black even though I do generally prefer a bit of colour on my phone. I received it on Friday (3 days ago) but due to work I have only just got around to setting it up.

It is now time for the official “Swapping of the Sim Card Ceremony” which is a big deal for me. I don’t know if I will keep the 1020 for as long as I kept the 920, but if I enjoy it half as much then I know what the 1020 cost me will be money well spent.


This is my tribute to an amazing smartphone. The 920 was not my first Lumia and won’t be my last, but without doubt it’s the Lumia which has given me the most so far. I have never owned and used a smartphone as my main device for as long as I used the 920. Will the 1020 beat the 16 month record? We shall see.

For the purposes of curiosity, here is my list of “Main Devices” in chronological order.

Feb 2010 – Jan ’11 Nokia 5800 (11 months)
April ’11 – December ’11 Nokia N8 (9 months)
December ’11 – April ’12 Nokia Lumia 800 (5 Months)
April ’12 – Jan ’13 Nokia N9 (10 months)
January ’13 – May ’14 Nokia Lumia 920 (16 months)
May ’14 – Present Nokia Lumia 1020


5 Responses to “A Tribute to my Lumia 920, I’m Moving On”
  1. spacyzuma says:

    This is touching.

    I bought my yellow Lumia920 in Jan’13 too, and it’s still going strong. Lots of falls…one lead to a heavilycracked screen that cost me about 92 GBP to repair.

    The 920 is brilliant, and I’ve never been really tempted by the 1020 or 1520. I’m getting tempted to buy the 930 when it comes in June/July, though. But I will keep using the 920 as long as the battery keeps up.

    I’m also a Nokia fanboy. I’ve used the 5320 XM, N8, N9, and L920.

    Wishing you the best with your new 1020. Cheers.

    • I was hoping that my next device would be the 930. With the exception that it is missing the Glance Screen function, it is the perfect device.
      But, by the time I can afford a 930 my 920 my well have given up and died, and when I saw the 1020 at such a good deal I just had to go for it.

      • Shane says:

        I’m looking forward to a 1020 successor*, I really hope they don’t kill-off that line, I hope they’re more aggressive with core specs, like they were with the 1520**. But I don’t want a screen as large as the 1520, I could “maybe” get used to that size, but definitely not a nm bigger!

        *Surely more substantive leaks about what to expect will start very soon!?!
        **They needn’t dramatically improve video/sound/image capture abilities, so long as they greatly reduce bulk/weight, increase battery-size-ratio, & overall efficiency etc.

  2. lobuxracer says:

    I just did something similar. The AMOLED screen is so much better than the 920’s LCD, and the camera is just ridiculously good. My 920 is sitting on the nightstand waiting for the day I drop the 1020 and the screen gets hashed. It’s been through a lot. Second LCD, third screen/digitizer, and reflashed with the AT&T Developer build. Still love the phone, it’s just not quite the piece the 1020 is.

    • Yes, the 1020 display is a lot brighter, but I believe it uses Pentile pixels rather than RGB on the 920, not that this is noticeable but I do think it makes the 920 display a tiny bit crisper.
      Sounds like your 920 has taken a bigger battering than mine dude. Sign of a much loved device.

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