Project Proxy, Fixing Lumia 920 Proximty Sensor Part 2


You may have caught my recent post “Wright On Fixing Lumia 920 Proximity Sensor“. My Torx screwdriver set arrived, including a T2 and T4 screwdriver needed for what I am calling Project Proxy (I originally received the wrong set and had to send it back which slowed things down a bit), so with my earlier attempt at cleaning out the proximity sensor failing I set about taking apart the Lumia 920. As I said in my earlier post I followed the instructional video made by LE55ONS on YouTube and can highly recommend his videos if you ever want to see how to take a device apart.

I had planned to save myself a bit of work by leaving the battery and USB ribbons connected as it is in the picture below, but in the end found it easier than I thought it would be to disconnect these.


Once I had parted the innards of the Lumia 920 from the casing, it was time to separate the digitizer (screen) from the circuitry. There are a few screws to undo, two of which are tiny Torx T2 screws which I needed the screwdrivers for, and a couple of clips to detach. Once this was done everything came apart. Two small items fell out, one was the ear piece speaker and the other the Sim Card tray, the latter I hadn’t noticed until I had started putting it back together, so had to take it apart again. These two parts both went back in fairly easy.

I was shocked by the state of the Proximity Sensor, or more precisely the part of the screen which covers the proximity sensor, it was caked in dust. Take a look at the picture below.


In the red circle you can see a square, the white inside of that is dust. Just to the right of it is the front facing camera, also dusty as heck (click the image to see it in full size). I used a couple of cotton buds to clean these two areas out and also gave the rest of the parts a wipe over.

So with this done I set about putting it all back together, and actually found this easier than it was to take apart. I took a few pictures along the way, which you can see in the gallery below. Click the image to see it in full.

With the proximity sensor now cleaned out, my Lumia 920 is working perfectly again. Before carrying out this I was finding the screen would lock whilst making a phone call, even when away from my face. Very annoying, and awkward for one reason you can’t hang up a call. Also, Nokia Glance Screen which came to the Lumia 920 with the Portico update (GDR2) would not work properly, as far as my phone was concerned the screen was always being covered, so the clock would rarely show up, Peek Mode, where you wave your hand in front of the screen to get the time up also didn’t work, neither did Double Tap to Wake. Well I am pleased to say this is all working again, as is screen brightness, where it reacts to ambient lighting. Success!

I was tweeting my progress on Twitter, and had a few people ask me why I didn’t take it to a Nokia Care Point. Well, one reason is my Lumia 920 came from outside the UK, so would not be covered by a warranty to be fixed for free. Another reason is that I actually enjoy doing this type of thing. I could have paid a Nokia Care Point to do it, but I like taking apart smartphones (and other gadgets) and having a go at fixing things myself, like with my N9 when the screen needed replacing.

I would be interested to hear your questions and comments on this, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

4 Responses to “Project Proxy, Fixing Lumia 920 Proximty Sensor Part 2”
  1. nokianewsireland says:

    love to mess around with phones like this..

    • lobuxracer says:

      If the adhesive you get is not meticulously applied, the proximity sensor will detect the screen and digitizer. It took me a few attempts to get the screen properly stuck to the middle plate. I found it best to remove everything from the middle plate, apply the adhesive, heat the screen and digitizer with a hair dryer to the point of being uncomfortable to handle, then assembling while hot. It’s the only way it worked reliably.

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