Wright On IOS7


It has been just over a week since iOS 7 was unveiled and shown to the world at Apple’s WWDC conference, and the response from people has been very mixed.

Most people seem to think the changes to the UI, most notably the overhaul to the very famous design, has been a good thing. But I have heard a lot of criticism about the new icons, however things are still at an early beta stage, with plenty of time to change.
What do I think of IOS7? Firstly I’ll point out that I am not a iOS user, so won’t be directly affected with however the final version looks.
With that said, I have always found iPhone and iPads to be very elegant both in hardware and software. Personally I am not such a big fan of the new icons, but usually find when things get a redesign, a new look always seems a bit out of place to begin with, until you get used to things.
Windows Phone has got a lot of credit for inspiring the new look of iOS, and while that is true to an extent, you can can see the iPhone’s influence in the majority of todays average modern smartphone, so are perhaps owed a few “borrows”.
Imitation is of course the sincerest form of flattery, and the team which designed Windows Phone can be very proud of their work. In a world where icon grids and home screen widgets rule, they achieved quite a feat, bringing a UI which offers neither, yet still has the functionality of both, but this is meant to be about iOS7…
Yeah sure, they stole a few things from other platforms, but then which UI really does have a completely unique layout?
Will iOS7 make me switch to an iPhone? Unlikely. Will it stop current iPhone users deserting the platform? Maybe it will, though I’m not sure that was the intended purpose.
The refresh of the platform was something which needed doing, for what ever reason. But ultimately I think all platforms will eventually hit an expiry date, as we saw with Symbian. The Anna and Belle updates helped prolong its life for a while, but as with all things in life, Father Time will catch it in the end.
But I will be interested to see what the final version of iOS7 is like and how it is received by those who use it.
Would be very interested to hear what you think.


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