Merry Xmas to my Readers.

Hi to everyone who has read, followed, liked or linked any of my blog. It is Christmas day today as I write this, my first post for far too long. If truth be told I’m not really a fan of Christmas for a number of reasons, one of the main facts is the untruths which it’s shrouded in, and how it is such a big marketing ploy. But many people are, and to those I wish them a Merry Christmas.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you readers that I happened to get myself a Nokia Lumia 900 yesterday. More regular followers may remember that I had a Lumia 800 (which funnily enough I got on contract exactly 1 year and 1 day earlier than the 900) which I eventually sold after getting the Nokia N9. For me, when the N9 was launched it was absolute love at first sight, and despite the fact it was never going to be fully released here in the UK I knew that one way or another I had to get one. Well, since then I have used, abused and bruised my N9, which has lead to me replacing the digitizer and reflashing the firmware twice. And I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Nokia Lumia 900

But now I’m returning to Windows Phone 7.5 (soon to be 7.8) and seeing how I get on with that. I will be using it as my one and only device. I do plan to get a WP8 phone sometime in  the New Year. But for now, after barely a day of owning the 900 I am really pleased to be back on a Lumia. Nothing against MeeGo Harmattan, what it does, it does very well. But their is just such a lack of support for it (well, that’s not strictly true, the MeeGo community is actually legendary) that I am often left feeling like I’m somehow missing out by being solely an N9 user. Not that my beautiful Cyan N9 is going anywhere. No chance. That phone is without doubt one of the most awesome looking phones ever made. It has a design which we are now seeing replicated in many places. And there is one thing which never ceases to impress me, the buttonless front. Yeah sure it has volume and power buttons, but for everything to be controlled by the excellent Swipe UI is something which sets it apart from any other device (its Dev brother, the N950 being the obvious exception.)

It is very early days at the moment, but I will be sharing my views on the Lumia 900 here in the future. Currently I am finding it an absolute joy to use. I am finding it almost impossible to put down. Becoming reaquainted with things which I missed from my time with the 800 is nice. No doubt I’ll find myself having the same experience when I next use my N9.

So there we have it. If you have anything to add please leave a comment below, I like to pride myself on the fact that so far I believe I’ve responded to every comment ever left on Wright On N9. I’m also on Twitter, and would be pleased to hear from anyone who’s read this post on there. Click here to find me on Twitter. 

I’ll be back soon, take care and have a great New Year.

2 Responses to “Merry Xmas to my Readers.”
  1. Even if i’m late merry xmas to you too Chris.

    Lately i’ve been thinking just like you to switch from my beloved N9 to a Lumia/iPhone 5…there are a couple of reasons involved including the one you mention in your article: the constant lack of support or, more precisely, the FEELING of this lack of support. A second reason would be that lately my N9 has started rearranging my sms/conversations in random order. If i get a message from Jimmy it comes out under Rebecca. If i get a message from Rebecca it comes out under Andrew. It’s beginning to annoy me. In truth i was well aware of this (lack of support) when i bought the N9; still, after 7/8 months of usage i would like to receive a bit more from Nokia itself.

    Even with these problems (especially the sms one which i think i have sorted out (temporarily?) thanks again to the wonderful community) whenever i look at the new Lumia or iPhone5 i find it difficult to leave the N9. iPhone5 carries no innovations whatsoever and it costs too much. WP8 is kinda new but you would expect it to be perfect since Nokia and Microsoft had time to listen to the WP7.5 community. And yet…no notifications (a black screen? No notification’s led? No icons? Seriously?) and WiFi connection that disconnects itself when the screen is off to preserve battery life (Whatsapp works in background, so do i am able to receive messages and incoming calls when the WiFi is off? Even a 7 year old kid would notice this..). I’ll wait for the Apollo release and see if they fixes these problems but in the meantime i can’t see any reasons why i should dump the N9. I mean, it’s beautiful to look, it doesn’t have buttons on the screen and the integration with Google Talk and Skype is simply stunning, two features that are now being implemented on the Lumia 920 were available a year and a half before on this little piece of technology. Not to mention the Swipe itself…it’s just THAT natural. It’s not time yet to switch, at least for me.

    Let me know how you get along with the Lumia 900 Chris. Take care.
    PS: why not going straight to WP 8?

    • Thanks for your comment, really interesting and I can relate to a lot of what you write.
      Never heard of the issue with the sms, one thing which went wrong with mine was the web browser stopped launching. I fixed it with a reflash. Really did help,was a bit daunting but once I knew what I was doing it was easy.
      I agree with WP lacking notifications. I’ll glance at the screen to check for an sms or missed call and then remember I have to unlock it first. This is something I’ll always miss from the N9.
      The reason I got a 900 rather than a wp8 phone I think I’d have to put down to availability partly. And cost is another reason. If I was upgrading on my contract I would have gone either 920 or 820 but this is off contract.
      Finally, funny you mention the iPhone as for me that would be the only other alternative to WP for me (baring in mind I have the N9 already). For one reason or another I am not interested in Android.
      Thanks again for your excellent comment, very interesting to read.

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