Official Vimeo App For Nokia N9

Hi Quality video play back, not affected by the N9’s relatively weak Graphics Processor.

I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I haven’t added anything to this blog in a while. While I still love my N9, and use it as my one and only smartphone, not much has happened lately which has moved me to blog. That was until a few weeks ago. An official app was launched! Yep, even with Nokia now done with any kind of development or production of the device, Vimeo, the U.S based video hosting and streaming site choose to release an official app. And rather good it is too.

If you’ve been following this blog, you might remember a post in May, where I wrote about some alternative websites to YouTube (which work on the N9 browser.) Well, Vimeo was one of the sites I listed, however, unlike any of the other sites in that post, Vimeo was the one which most people (myself included) had problems getting to play the videos. Well, that is solved with this app, which is available from the Nokia Store.

I installed it a couple of weeks ago myself, and can say that I find it a very nicely designed, and well thought out app. If you have an account you can upload videos from your camera roll or captured videos. You can also follow other creators, Like videos, or view your feeds.









While it has great aesthetics, what is also nice to see is that it appears to have been built with MeeGo Harmattan’s app design in mind. It has a very familiar feel if you are used to using the official Twitter and FaceBook apps. Another good point is the quality of the video playback. If you have ever tried watching a higher quality video on the N9, you will know that the Graphics Processor can be a bit, well, rubbish. As a fan of watching media on my device, one of the most upsetting messages I’ve come across is “You can’t play these types of files on this device.” Well, Vimeo has found a way of playing nice crisp clips with no hint of stutter or error message.

Another good sign is that the App has 5 stars in the Store. Not bad. And to be honest, I think I’d also give it 5 out of 5 too. Get on their and install. You won’t regret it!

And that brings us to the end of another blog post. I will be trying to post more often, I have installed Blob on my N9, a WordPress client for the N9, and if that works well it could help. Either way, if you want to read more, be sure to find the Follow button at the top of the screen. Also, I’d love to hear from you, so do leave a comment on this or any of my posts. Another way of interacting with me is Twitter, my username is @chriswwwright click here and follow.

All the best.


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