Replacing the Nokia N9 Screen.

When I decided to finally do something about my increasingly damaged screen, I thought I’d buy the cheapest one I could find on eBay and that I’d be able to remove the old one and whack on the new one inside 10 minutes.

Boy, was I wrong!

If I was going to give anyone a tip about changing your N9 screen, it’d be this;

Buy one with a Boarder already attached!

You see the photo above!? My old screen is the one on the right, around the edge of the digitizer is a plastic and metal rim, well this is glued on, and is essential for attaching the whole thing back on the device. In order to remove it, you need to heat it, I used a hair dryer, then take a craft knife and gently remove it by cutting through the glue, and then, making sure the boarder is completely clear of any adhesive, reattach it to your new screen. More of that later…

Well, to start with, I was surprised to receive the parcel in the post as the tracking information on eBay said it was still in Sweden. But, here is my unboxing, at which point I am blissfully unaware of the work I’ll be needing to carry out.



My intention was to record the whole process of myself removing and fitting the screens, but with the realisation that it wasn’t going to be as easy as all that, I decided to just make a few videos at key parts. Mainly due to the fact that I was following the excellent instruction videos by LE55ONS on YouTube  Here’s the first, I have taken off the old screen…



With the boarder now fully removed, the old screen is now unusable, so should I find that my new screen is faulty or so such I will be without an N9 until the seller in Hong Kong can send me a replacement. I tweeted at this point that I was “at that terrifying point of no return”.


The final video I made saw me at the point where I just had to put the screws back in. Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it for me, as you’ll see. The screen wasn’t sitting in the housing properly, due to the fact that I hadn’t put enough glue on. So after this video I had to take the screen off again and reapply more glue.


I later found out through contacting LE55ONS that he used Superglue Gel, something I saw at Wilkos but instead went for Hard Plastic glue. I have to say now my phone works perfect, without any scratches on the screen, so over all it was a success, but, when swiping down the screen I do notice that the screen isn’t quite sitting smooth, there is maybe a ridge of a millimetre at the most, and only at the top, the rest seems to sit perfect. I’m trying to tell myself to leave well alone, it’s fine, but I maybe tempted to see if I can flatten that out. The beauty of the N9 is the fact the body and screen is one perfect edgeless device. We shall see.

Thanks for reading my blog, and if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear them. You can also catch my on Twitter, my username  is @Chriswwwright and I’m always pleased to add some followers their.

Take care.



10 Responses to “Replacing the Nokia N9 Screen.”
  1. Thiago says:

    hey man, about the quality? it is good quality display? i did the same thing that u did when my phone had 16th days… did u got some dead spot, the color quality or the battery life changed?

    tks so much…

    • So far so good, not had any problems with the new screen. Did you have problems when you changed the screen? I have heard of people having colour problems with their N9 on the screen which came with the phone originally. Where did you get your replacement?

      • Thiago says:

        no dude, it was not replaced yet… I’m just worried about it, because is so hard to look and say this one is good and that one not… do u remember the seller name?

      • I see, well this is the exact one which I brought;

        But bare in mind the boarder is not included on this and takes some work to remove from your old screen.
        This one appears to have it included:

        Is a little more expensive though. Mine took just over 2 weeks to arrive but you can usually pay for a faster service.
        So long as you pay by paypal there shouldn’t be too many issues with returning it if faulty, and I wouldn’t think there is anymore chance of an N9 digitizer arriving faulty as any other thing you buy. So far, I have purchased quite a few things from Hong Kong sellers and never had a problem with quality.

  2. Tales Barros says:

    Thanks a lot Chris. I don’t have a faulty screen, but I know whenever I need, I can check your post! Keep up the good work, your posts are always handy and most of the time you cover things that I can’t find anywhere else!

  3. lexi says:

    hello, is the replacement screen still the same quality as the original? is it still amoled clearblack display?

    • Hi. Yes, the replacement screen (actually it was a Digitizer) was every bit as good as the original.
      I believe it was an official spare part and had clear black display and used AMOLED.

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