Nokia N9 Has A Cracking Screen!

I am a fan of the Nokia N9’s 480*854 Amoled screen with Clear Black Display (even if some complain about Pentile displays), but that isn’t exactly what this post is about.

I recall hearing a phrase about the sign of a much loved book was that it would be well thumbed (this may have actually been about a Bible, but not getting into religion here!!) If that is the case, then my Nokia N9 and all its scuffs and scratches must be a sign of a much loved smartphone.

Up until a week or so ago my N9 had a few scratches on the glass panel and a fairly significant crack in the top left corner. It was out of the way of the display so it didn’t bother me too much. This was the result of me resting it on a toilet cistern only for it to slide off the slippery enamel and fall behind the seat (thankfully not into the actual toilet, grateful for small mercies) and on its decent it hit a pipe before landing.

Well, a week ago that changed when I dropped it on some gravel and it caused another two cracks, one in the bottom left corner and the other in the bottom right, going right through the front camera circle. I don’t use the front camera very much, but this time, what with all the other marks I thought “Enough is enough, I need to replace the screen.” And there is no way I’m taking it to a Nokia Care point when I can do it myself. Judging from the great videos on YouTube by LE55ONS it doesn’t seem to difficult.

I went on eBay and was surprised to see that Nokia N9 LCD Digitizers vary in price from about £75 to £180. Well, I’m not exactly loaded so I went for this one N9 Digitizer on eBay from Hong Kong. It claims it can take up to 5 weeks for delivery which I can live with.

I plan to film my efforts, for this blog, so look out for that when it arrives.

Incidentally, prior to owning the N9 I had a Lumia 800 which I didn’t get so much as a scratch on, and before that I had an N8 which I was also dropping all the time, again with very little sign of damage. The thing to note here is that I kept the Lumia 800 in a case at all times, the N8 spent half its time protected while I am so proud of the beauty of my Cyan N9 that I don’t want to cover it, even with the glove like fit of the case provided. But, if this has taught me anything, it’s that a case is a must if you want to avoid damage.

One question it does leave me with, is the screen on the N9 what they call “Gorilla Glass”? From what I have read, I thought it was, but compared to my N8, I’d say it isn’t. Do you have any insight? If so, please leave a comment, also follow my blog to catch my future posts.

I am also on Twitter, @Chriswwwright and would enjoy hearing from you there.

Thanks for reading.


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