PR1.3 Updated With Nokia Suite

I was very excited to hear that PR1.3 was announced last week, and made a blog entry about it, also saying that I would post when I had received the update myself. Well, that was July 3rd, (6 days ago from me writing this.)
Well, I was seeing more and more people posting on Twitter that they had received the update, but no notification had come to my phone, so a couple of days on and I was replying to a Tweet about how great the N9 was, and mentioned that I was still waiting for the update still. They recommended first flashing my N9, something which sounded worrying. I have flashed Symbian phones before, and it took software downloads, research, trail and error, as well as voiding warranty. Whether or not this is the case with the N9, I’m not sure, but was more willing to try their other suggestion, attempting the update using Nokia Suite.
To be honest, I uninstalled Nokia Suite when I got rid of my Nokia N8, as it did not work with either of the phones which I went on to own (Lumia 800 and currently the N9) but about a week or so ago, Nokia had released a new version of Suite which now supported the MeeGo device. With this version, I had some issues with it failing to read all the contents of my phone.
When I plugged in my N9 to my PC and set it to “Sync and Connect” this fired up Suite. and instantly recommended I install the new version of Nokia Suite. With this done, I pressed the icon for Software updates, and it did indeed inform me that PR1.3 was available. It took the best part of 20 minutes to install, but once finished I was very pleased with the scrolling improvements which I noticed.
All in all, there are some touches which I have noticed since the refresh, such as better WIFI connectivity and faster (slightly) load times of web sites. I was pleased with the new ability to upload items from the stock browser, this is good.
Well, as for whether or not we’ll get anymore updates is anyone’s guess, personally, I am very happy with what I have.

Finally, There is big talk at the moment of a new start up called Jolla, comprised of former Nokia staff who worked on the Nokia N9. Sounds exciting. Their aim is to continue the work of MeeGo, and release their own phones with a new MeeGo powered platform. I wish them well. The best place to find info, news and press releases on JollaMobile would be their Twitter account, HERE.

I will be back with you soon. Follow me on Twitter, HERE


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