A while ago I made a blog post about what I was hoping to see in the rumored but unannounced update to MeeGo Harmattan running phones.
Well, according to Nokia’s own web site, the anticipated PR1.3 has started rolling out to hand sets, as an “Over The Air” update, meaning that you don’t need to plug your phone into a computer to install it (as was needed with the Symbian Anna update).
A Nokia employee named Kurttu posted the news on Nokia Support Discussions, which you can read for yourself >>HERE<<.

The post goes on to recommend going to¬† for more information, but while that site does mention the benefits of updating your phone, it doesn’t seem to mention PR1.3 exactly, but, neither does the original post by Kurttu, as he/she refers to it as 40.2012.21-3.

Anyway, good news none the less, and if like me you are wanting to check your phone to see if the update is ready, don’t bother. A notification will be sent to your phone when it’s ready.

I must add, a great place for keeping up with news on Nokia is MyNokiaBlog. That link will take you to their early announcement on the PR1.3 release. They have some very dedicated writers, and readers for that matter. The comments section under the stories are a great place to discuss and debate what’s going on.

One more thing…

It has been a little while since my last post. I will no doubt be back with a write up on the N9 update as soon as I get it, but, if you follow my blog, you can look forward to another media related How-To which will be posted as soon as. In the mean time you can find me on Twitter.



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