If like myself you enjoy using one of the Radio apps on the Nokia N9 you may have found that both Nokia’s Internet Radio and IP Radio is missing a number of the BBC stations. At the time of writing this, Football’s 2012 European Cup is taking place, and a great way of keeping up with events is BBC 5Live, there is also loads of comedy, plays and music on the BBC stations. So, I was interested in a post I saw on All About Symbian giving Nokia Radio users on Symbian 3 the ability to add and save streams to all the BBC stations plus TalkSport on the radio player. Well, good news for MeeGo Harmattan users, it also works for us, but without the ability to save the streams to any of the radio players you may use. But don’t let that put you off, it is super easy to do, first off, you need to go to from here you will see a list of stations, click any one that you want to listen to.

This will download a .pls file which is only 1kb in size and in my experience takes just seconds to complete.

Clicking the completed file will open up the music player, and once connected you will hear your desired station broadcast.


Pressing the “Done” button will close the player. From what I have found the .pls file is saved to your .downloads file, temporarily at least. These could all be moved to your Documents folder for easy access, but what I have done is just saved the HoneyBall site to my home screen, (by pressing the 3 lines in the top right of the web browser.)

I hope you have found this interesting, and, incidentaly, I used the CutePress app to write and upload this entire post, as a testimony to how good that app is. please leave a comment or question below, and find me on Twitter @Chriswwwright.

5 Responses to “BBC RADIO ON THE N9”
  1. Adi says:

    Cheers Mate.

    Have you found any new ways to access BBC radio on N9? I tried visiting the bbc mobile radio website but it opens up a new window with a loading bar at the bottom, which loads for sometime and then quits.

    • Did this work for you?
      And have you tried Internet Radio Player available in the Nokia store? This has all the BBC Radio stations available. Another option is using FireFox, with the Flash player installed and going to the TuneIn website. This does take some time to load the stations, but should work.

      • Adi says:

        Hi, the honeyball link worked fine, howvere i was looking for a neater solution.
        I had tried Nokia’s internet radio app but i could not find the BBC stations.
        On searching the app store again, i found ‘internet radio player’ by Giovanni88 that you suggested. It is a real treat to use.
        Thanks a lot.
        By the way, have you got the bbc iplayer tv to work on firefox ?

      • Yes, Giovanni88’s Radio app is really good. You can even add streams to it, for example TalkSport, which I don’t believe is on there.
        As for iPlayer on FireFox, it used to work for on the N9, but when I last tried it, I got a message saying I needed to update the Flash Player. There maybe an add on available, I’m not sure, I’ve not got FF installed anymore, had to reflash my N9 and it wiped all the apps, I’m yet to reinstall.

  2. has says:

    Thanks go ahead

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