I have mentioned on a number of occasions on this blog, that I enjoy watching video on my phone. It is most probably my biggest use case on the N9, surpassing regular activities such as texting and calling.

Now, one thing I loved about the Nokia N8, the Symbian 3 powered smartphone, was that it could play 720p videos, and look brilliant, despite the N8 having a screen resolution of only 640*360 (in landscape) compared to the N9’s 854*480.

So, I have always been a little disappointed that the N9’s GPU struggles to play any high quality video. I’m sure most N9 owners have come across the message, “Sorry You Can’t Play These Types Of Files On This Device.” when trying to load HD videos on their device. So I wanted to come up with a solution.

Back in my N8 days, I used a great app called YouTube Downloader, which would allow you to download 720p streams onto the phone, which would play brilliantly. There is a similar app on the N9 called CuteTube which also allows you to download videos for offline viewing, but the streams are 360p. Many may say, this isn’t a huge issue, and the clips are still perfectly watchable. While I agree, I’d like to show you a couple of macro shots which I took, of the N9

playing the same clip, a promo of the Nokia 110, the first in 360p, and the second, in higher definition.

A little grainy, especially around the clock.

Much straighter lines, look at the text!

If, like me, you want to take a little time to get a better video playback, it is time to download additional software. What I decided to use, was the video converter Handbrake, available free, from their website, click here to visit their download page. They do versions for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Fedora.

It has taken some trial and error to find the best settings, and instructions are quite detailed.

Coming soon, will be Part 2, where I will go through the conversion values and stuff which I have found work. Please click the Follow button at the top of the screen to make sure you don’t miss it. I will also publicize my posts on Twitter, click here to go to my profile, and please follow.

Will, be back  in the next few days.

Part 2 HERE

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