Hi everyone, for my latest post on Chriswwwright, I’m going to compile a list of some websites which I use in varying degrees, all for the purpose of watching Video. Now, the single site I use most on my Nokia N9 is probably YouTube. I consume hours of amateurish, and also some not-so amateurish videos in my day, especially when I find myself going through a craze of, perhaps kids TV shows from the 80’s, or people paragliding off Westbury White Horse.

While I do enjoy this immensely, after a while, I do find myself needing a little more than the billions of videos on YouTube, and as an N9 user, was curious what other websites work on the MeeGo Harmattan web browser. Here is a list of four which, if you’re anything like me, you may find of interest.


StageVu is a website meant to be viewed on a PC. It streams DIVX/AVI videos uploaded by members. I have viewed entire movies and TV shows on this site (I presume put up by the Copyright owner, ‘cos I won’t watch anything illegal). Now, at a first attempt, after searching for a clip and pressing Play, you may think it won’t work on the N9, due to the browser not supporting AVI streaming, but think again. Next to the play button is another option, Download. Pressing this opens the video, which then streams without saving itself to your Movie folder. Not sure why, but it works great, as smoothly as the mobile YouTube site works. There is also a very good Advanced Search option, where you can select the Language, minimum and maximum length of clip as well as category. Definitely worth having a look at. Visit StageVu by clicking here.


If you have ever come across Veoh on a PC, you’ll know it is quite an irritating website, which offers you a 5 minute preview of a video before demanding you sign up and install their software in order to continue watching. However, they seem to have created a web app intended for iPhone users which requires none of that. And, what’s even better is, it works on the N9 browser too. Just search whatever you are after, or select from the categories on the home page, click on a video and it will play the same as a YouTube video clip would (sorry for keep mentioning YT, hope it isn’t too irritating). This site also has some full length movies and TV shows, not great quality, but watchable. I came across this by accident, doing a Google search on an ios device, for Frasier, I think it was, and was one of the first results.

Another cool thing, if you click the page options button in the top right of the screen, and select ‘Save to Homescreen’ it will take the Veoh symbol and add it to your App screen, like a proper app. Visit by clicking here.


I don’t often visit, but get the impression that, if YouTube is your regular TV for the masses, putting out endless streams of reality shows staring people whose only claim to fame is doing something disgusting with a wine bottle, then Vimeo is the Opera, putting out very artistic, intelligent productions. I have only watched a couple of Videos on there, which were animations created (as far as I know) by the person who uploaded them. I think Tim Burton may have a channel on there. Definitely worth a look if you want to add a little culture to you web surfing habbits.

As with the rest of the sites on this list, it streams beautifully on the N9 browser. Visit by clicking here.

What can I say about DailyMotion? It is very similar to the website which I must have mentioned in this post 10 times already (YouTube, of course), it launched around the same time, and is 2nd only to YT in terms of most viewed Video Streaming site. I have found it useful when I have wanted to view goals from recently played footie matches, these clips do get removed eventually, but last longer than they would on YT. Dailymotion also seems to put out more videos in languages which are not in English, which would appeal to some. Visit by clicking here.

When you go onto the site, it transfers you to the mobile version of the site, which works very well, appearing as good as a native application.

Well, that is it for my list of alternatives to YouTube, for people wanting to view a video streaming site from their N9 browsers. I am sure there are many other sites which stream video, if you know of any, please let me know in the comments section below, or add me on Twitter @Chriswwwright, I would love to hear from you.

  1. Tales Barros says:

    Great stuff, I had no idea the N9 could run these websites. Thanks!

  2. fisheswilllaugh says:

    Thanks for this, Chris.

    However, I can’t get vimeo to play on my N9, neither on the normal browser or Firefox Nightly, even with the flash player I downloaded – where am I going wrong?

    I also love how seamlessly the videos play on – definitely worth a look, especially the Between Two Ferns clips 🙂

    • That is odd, I’ve had it working, but when i just went to try it said i needed a browser with h.264 support Or flash, so for it not to be working on either Firefox or stock browser seems unusual.
      Not heard of FunnyOrdie before, thanks for your comment. I’ll keep trying Vimeo,

    • Had a go at searching for videos on Vimeo, and this time, I was able to stream them. Maybe it doesn’t always play the featured videos, though not sure why that would be the case.

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