The iPhone 6 to Have QHD Display? No, Not Even 1080P!

Lately I have been trying to figure out what resolution the next iPhone will have. We have seen a leak of the glass which will be used for the iPhone 6 which looks a certainty to be announced and launched in October, and can be pretty sure that it will have a 4.7 inch diagonal … Continue reading

A Tribute to my Lumia 920, I’m Moving On

It was 16 months ago that I first got my Lumia 920. It was the first smartphone I’d ever had with an HD (plus) display, having come from the Nokia N9 with what seemed by comparison a quite pixelated screen. It was also the first device I’d ever had which had a display larger than … Continue reading

Project Proxy, Fixing Lumia 920 Proximty Sensor Part 2

You may have caught my recent post “Wright On Fixing Lumia 920 Proximity Sensor“. My Torx screwdriver set arrived, including a T2 and T4 screwdriver needed for what I am calling Project Proxy (I originally received the wrong set and had to send it back which slowed things down a bit), so with my earlier … Continue reading

Wright On Fixing Lumia 920 Proximity Sensor

I have had my Nokia Lumia 920 for nearly a year now, and since getting it back in January have used it pretty much daily (it has taken a back seat to the odd trial device and more recently the Lumia 625 but is back in my pocket daily now). Generally it has worked fine … Continue reading

Wright On Google Depriving YouTube Creators

Being a Windows Phone users I may be a little biased in regards to all the commotion involved with Microsoft’s official YouTube client for the platform, but even with that in mind, I feel the point I make in the below editorial is a fair assessment of events. What ever reason Google gives for blocking … Continue reading

Wright On Nokia Lumia 625

I do most of my writing on Nokia Innovation and this is where the video below comes from. I have had the Lumia 625 for just over a week now and really enjoy using it. I will be doing a full write up on the device soon, so look out for that, in the mean … Continue reading

Wright On IOS7

It has been just over a week since iOS 7 was unveiled and shown to the world at Apple’s WWDC conference, and the response from people has been very mixed. Most people seem to think the changes to the UI, most notably the overhaul to the very famous design, has been a good thing. But … Continue reading

The week of the 925, 928 and YouTube Apps

My Appearence on The Phones Show When I first got interested in Smartphones, one of the best resources I had for information was The Phones Show hosted by Steve Litchfield (Find his website here) which reviews mobile phones, does a quarterly Top 5 Best Phones list as well as other phone related pieces. Well, Steve … Continue reading

Wright On N9 Is Changing

Time for a change me thinks. Wright on N9, Wright on N9 and Lumia, call it what you will. The name is changing. In fact, if you look at the top of the page, you will this blog is now called Wright On Mobile. Also, the content is going to be changing. I have to … Continue reading

N8 Lumia 920 Camera compared Round 2

Hi, I got an invitation from Lenny Bonsignore (find him on Twitter here) to write some posts for Nokia Innovation. Well, after copying over my last post, Actual Lumia Quarterly sales my next submission was round two of my camera comparison between the N8 and the Lumia 920. find it here. As always I’m interested … Continue reading